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Nuclear Medicine Services (NMS)

St George's Nuclear Medicine Services

The Nuclear Medicine Physics team provides support to a range of NHS and private hospitals and other healthcare providers. All types of Nuclear Medicine services are supported; from large Trusts providing a range of diagnostic and therapy services to those centres that provide stand-alone sentinel node surgery. Each centre has a designated Physicist who is able to provide support and advice and carry out practical tasks as required.

Types of service currently supported include: gamma camera, SPECT-CT, PET-CT, surgical gamma probe (sentinel node biopsy), non-imaging tests and radionuclide therapy.

We are able to supply tailored Medical Physics support to Nuclear Medicine services which reflects individual needs. As well as providing comprehensive on-going Medical Physics support, we are able to undertake individual projects such as assisting in procuring and commissioning equipment or services and can also provide temporary Medical Physics support.

Nuclear Medicine Services (NMS)

Main Services

  • Medical Physics Expert (MPE)
  • Signatory on ARSAC applications
  • Annual MPE audit with report
  • Advice on provision of equipment and staff required for clinical services
  • Acceptance testing of Nuclear Medicine equipment in line with current guidance and specifications
  • Advice on scientific and technical aspects of Nuclear Medicine procedures
  • Attendance at inspections from UK agencies
  • Quality performance testing and calibration of equipment
  • Advice and assistance in provision of protocols and procedures for clinical and non-clinical work
  • Administration of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals and provision of associated radiation protection advice to patients and relatives
  • Advice and assistance (with the Radiation Protection Advisor and Supervisor) in provision of Local Rules and other aspects of radiation protection
  • Training of Nuclear Medicine and other staff in aspects of Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Protection

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